Nursery, parentales y grow out


The Nursery contra season service is our contribution in the improvement of varieties for different species of oilseeds, legumes and cereals for different countries of the world.

We have 25 years of experience, performing open pollination and cage nurseries, with designs adapted to the client’s requirements.

We have the necessary and trained staff to perform meticulous sowing, harvesting and manual cleaning, also having all the necessary technology and mechanization for each case.

Our main objective is to maintain the trust with our customers by returning seed with the highest purity and quality, at the appropriate time to continue the production. keeping them constantly informed of the status of their Nurseries and delivering valuable information in the different stages of the crop that are useful in the phenological record of the lines.

Grow outs

Grow outs with all the agronomic management and appropriate designs for a better evaluation of the parameters required by the client, in which our team has great experience for data collection and delivery of results.

We have the necessary technology for precision sowing that allows the exact count of plants, in this way we obtain valid data for the next statistical analysis.


We increase parent and hybrid lines the focus is the work that ensure the highest purity of the crop, we have specific protocols for this type of production in terms of weed control and constant roguing.

We offer OECD and AOSCA certification.

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